Last year, we redesigned the entire Perkbox platform, from the ground up, based on tens of thousands of pieces of feedback. If you've just upgraded there's a few things you need to know.

Reset your password to access your shiny new account •••••••••••••• 

We've updated our password policy, so you'll need to set a new password. Click here for instructions and a helpful video tutorial.

Find your way around📍

Watch our Perks tour to find out how to navigate the new system and continue to benefit from amazing savings and discounts.

Old redemptions 🎁 

Previously redeemed perks can be accessed in your account or in the "History" tab in our new mobile app. These might take a few days to display – some of you have redeemed a lot of Perks!

Some of our older perks have been removed or updated to ensure you have the best experience possible, so these won't come across to our new platform.

If you think something is missing, check your emails for you old redemption confirmation.

Note: you will not find your old top up cards in your account, but you can still top up existing cards. Most of our top up cards have been replaced with digital alternatives,

More questions? 🤔

Click the icon in the bottom right of this page to speak to our friendly customer happiness team.

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