When you’re creating new users, you can choose to do this in bulk. Here’s how to use this feature and make a simple csv so you can upload your users all at once.

Uploading users

The most important part is getting your employees details (email address, first name and last name) into the right columns.

This needs to be: 

  • Column A: email address

  • Column B: first name

  • Column C: last name

Each row should correspond to one employee.

Then just click File > Save As and select 'Comma Separated Values (.csv)' from the file format drop down and upload your csv to create the employees in bulk .

Optional fields

As well as uploading employees details in bulk, you can also set extra information like roles and teams when you are uploading your users. These are optional fields that can be left blank.

  • Column D: Roles

  • Column E: Team


If you include the word ‘Admin’ in column D, it will create that user with the Admin role so they can manage other employees.


If you already have teams set up for Perkbox, you can include a single team name in column E, and it will automatically add the corresponding user to this team. Team names must be an exact match for as they appear in your Admin app for us to add the users to them. If these don't match, you can always add the users to the team individually via the teams section in Admin.

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