What is Self Sign-up

Self Sign-up allows your employees to add their own accounts to your company platform, cutting down on the time you have to spend uploading new employees. It’s really handy if you do not have employee emails stored.

How to enable Self Sign-up

To set enable a Universal code for Self Sign-up, head to ‘Admin’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Self Sign-up Setup’ > ‘Set up by secret code’.

From here, you are able to set your universal code. Your Universal code must be at least:

. 8 characters;

. contain a number;

. a special character;

. a mix of upper and lower case letters.

Security first!

Having a strong code means that only your employees sign-up, so ensure that it’s not easy to guess!

Once the settings are the way you want them, hit ‘Save’ to make the changes and share the code and sign-up page with your employees.

What will my employees see?

When you turn on Self Sign-up, we create a sign-up page for your company and you can circulate the link below to your employees to sign themselves up


After they have signed up, we will send them a welcome email and they can set a password.

If you have any questions, use the Live Chat function to speak to a member of our Customer Happiness team

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