This article is for more information on the Recognition  product. If you are not currently set up to use Recognition (it doesn't appear in your App Switcher) and want to be, get in contact with your Account Manager who can tell you more. 

Perkbox Recognition is designed to be simple to use with as few setup steps as possible, you may already be set up and not even know it!

There are 2 key areas to check:

1) Teams 

Recognition, like most of us, works best in teams. Teams are not required to use the Recognition product but will help to keep content relevant for your managers and employees.

You can use teams to group employees based on location, department or anything else you choose. 

Ensure you have teams set up in the admin section of the Perkbox product and everyone is in the right team. 

2) Managers 

Managers can be set up via the Admin > People screen. Managers in recognition are able to:

  • Share recognition publicly (see How to recognise for more info)

  • Add rewards to recognition content

Thats all! Once you have managers and teams set up you are ready to go and get started with Perkbox Recognition.

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