Recognising a colleague for helping out or going the extra mile is a simple act that is sure to make someones day and over time make your business a happier place to work. 

We have made sure it is quick and easy to recognise via Perkbox and everything you need to know is below.

Step 1 - Pick the people

The first step to send recognition is to pick who you want to recognise. To add people start by typing the name of the desired colleague and click to add them.

If you add a person by mistake, hit the 'x' next to their name to remove them.

Step 2 - Write the message

Write what the employee(s) you selected did that deserves recognition. Be as descriptive as possible so everyone can see why you took the time to recognise. Remember to keep this work appropriate 

Step 3 - (Optional) Add a company value

Add company values to associate the great work your employee has done with what is important to your organisation. This helps to encourage behaviour that is in-keeping with your company culture

Step 4 - Pick sharing options

To keep content on the platform consumable we provide 3 sharing options when you recognise:

Everyone - Only managers have this option, this content is shared with everyone at your company. Perfect for showcasing top performances, role models and successes that everyone should be aware of.

Our Teams - Shared with everyone in your and the recipients teams. Perfect for sharing achievements relevant to particular teams or not relevant for company wide exposure.

Private - Only you and the people you are recognising will see this. The recipients managers will know that you recognised them, but not be able to see the private recognition message. Perfect for saying a small thanks for the everyday.

That's all, now go make someones day!

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