Workplace, Yammer, Slack, Skype... whatever communication channels you use, why not keep everyone up to speed by sharing the launch of Perkbox? We’re always sending out new material for you and your team – from training videos, to updates on our limited-time perks. Do you have an internal newsletter? You could include an update about Perkbox in your roundup. 


Have a Perkbox launch party. Get the buzz going with some Perkbox themed food- we recommend cupcakes- ask your Account Manager for our logo! 

What is Perkbox? Your employees should have already have an overview, but why not play the Perkbox tour video playing on a big screen and let everyone know what they can get from their new platform. 

For the morning huddle, get everyone together to redeem your free hot drink with Caffè Nero. 


Who best to spread the Perkbox cheer than a Perkbox Champion?

This is an opportunity to give a high-performing employee more responsibility, and in turn help them feel more valued and motivated. As they are a trusted peer, your team is more likely to relate to your Champion’s experiences of the platform, rather than any third party influences.

A PB Champion....
• Shares Perkbox updates with the team
• Manages communications about Perkbox
• Educates new starters about Perkbox
• Collects feedback regarding the platform, and reports back


Most companies will have a core set of values that employees should live and breath. Why not remind everyone of these and bring them to life by creating Recognition Polls, and encouraging peers to vote for those who embody these principles. 

For example, create a poll Above and Beyond and run for the month to inspire the team to get involved. You could also allocate a reward for the winner to make it extra special.

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