Perkbox is still available for all of your employees. Whether at home, the workplace or on furlough. No matter your people’s situation, you can still support them with Perkbox.

And to help them get the most from us, this month's content focuses on new perks, emotional wellbeing and learning tools! 

Support for you and your employees

Our 24/7 employee assistance programme has a helpline for financial and emotional support, as well as an online portal full of resources – including four-week support programmes, webinars, health checks and much more.

What’s on our reading list?  

How to build the ultimate wellbeing programme for remote employees

Remote workforces are on the rise and helping at-home employees with their wellbeing is just as important as helping those who physically come to work.

 How to support the wellbeing of furloughed employees

Furloughed employees are still able to log in and access Perkbox. Learn how to best support their wellbeing during this time. 

Q&A: boosting employee morale in uncertain times

In case you missed the webinar about boosting morale last month, we compiled a Q&A of all the questions asked.

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