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Promotional material for your employees


Security Update: Introducing 2-Step Verification for admins


Deliveroo has landed as a reward in our Recognition platform.
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You can now export Insights comments as a CSV!
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Week three of our #MagnificentMonday competition


Webinar: Monzo & Perkbox talk employee mental wellbeing


Everything on our reading list this month

Keeping your company safe


We’ve updated our security with 2-Step Verification – a two-step verification process that uses two different methods of authentication to verify that you are you.

All admins are required to go through this verification when logging in. Don’t worry, it is quick to set up and easy to use. The sooner you set it up, the safer you will be!

Promote Perkbox internally

Emails, posters and social media tiles promoting perks for Father’s Day, National Beer Day, a new summer wardrobe and our newest perks.

Our reading list


Blogs & ebooks


1. The business leader’s guide for returning to work: Vol. 1
2. How Perkbox is keeping culture high remotely
3. Remote culture checklist
4. Getting enough sleep? Check here
5. Q&A: boosting employee morale in uncertain times

Support your employee’s wellbeing


Join our webinar on Thursday, June 4th at 2pm where Monzo’s Tara Mansfield, Head of People, and Perkbox's Maddie Pozlevic, Employee Experience Lead, will be discussing ‘How to Supporting Employee Wellbeing in the New Working World’.

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