How to reward your team easily

Perkbox's Recognition platform can help you reward your team more easily. Rewarding your team through Perkbox can be helpful because you can:

  • Empower your managers by allocating a budget

  • Reward employees where they can spend credit on our huge selection of perks – making it more flexible than sending a voucher, and way more rewarding

Step 1 - Become an Admin

Perkbox has different three different user access levels that enables specific features to appear.

  • Admin

  • Manager

  • User

You need to ensure you are an 'Admin' to get started.

If you already are a 'Admin', that's great! If not, please contact your Account Manager or open a live chat via the blue icon on the bottom right of you screen. We'll help you get sorted right away.

Step 2 - Find your 'company wallet'

Before you can allocate a budget to managers, you will need to top-up your company funds.

You can find a 'wallet' icon appearing beside your name. Once you click on it, you will find your 'Company Wallet' which you can click through.

Access company wallet

Step 3 - Add credit to your company wallet

You can add credit to your company wallet any time you like via invoice or bank card.

Just go to your company wallet and choose “top up wallet”.

Step 4 - Allocate credit to your managers

Send credit to managers by going to your company wallet and choosing “allocate credit”.

You can allocate credit to lots of managers at once, or one at a time.

You can reclaim unspent credit from your managers too – just select “reclaim credit”.

For tax reasons, you can’t reclaim credit once it’s been sent to an employee.

Please ensure you have given your managers the right access level. Once that is completed, their names will only appear on the list of recipients to allocate a budget to.

And that's it! Your managers will receive an email notification that they have been allocated a budget, and can begin sending rewards to their top performers.

And you're done!

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