Perkbox's Recognition platform can help you reward your team more easily. If you want to celebrate a top performer, with Perkbox you can:

  • Reward with a digital voucher (i.e. £20 Amazon voucher) or;

  • Reward with credit, a flexible approach that allows the receiver to choose how they want to spend their reward on Perkbox

Step 1 - Make sure you have the 'manager' access level

If you're a manager who wants to reward their team, speak to the main Perkbox administrator in your company.

It's most likely your HR team that can help with your request.

Step 2 - Manage your wallet balance

You will have a 'reward wallet' that can be found via:

  • Desktop - You will notice a 'wallet' icon sitting beside your full name

  • App - You can tap where your display picture will appear (top-right corner)

What you have as an 'available balance' of credit is decided by your company's HR or anyone in charge of the rewarding policies.

Step 3 - Reward your team!

Once you have available credit, you're ready to reward! You can reward one or multiple recipients in one transaction with credit or vouchers.

And you're done!

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