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September promotional materialThe best way to get your employees using their perks is to promote Perkbox internally. We've created emails, posters and social media tiles for you to use on your internal communication channels.

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Join our webinar today to find out how we can all improve diversity & inclusion in the workplace.

Like many businesses, we’ve listened to our people and want to make positive changes.

So join us as Richard Odufisan, Manager & Diversity Ambassador at Deloitte, Farrah Qureshi, Founder & CEO of the Global Diversity Practice & Mona Akiki, Head of People at Perkbox discuss our collective responsibility to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace, bringing benefits to both our people and our businesses.

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In case you missed it, we have launched our New Working World series to help you navigate what is coming next.

It has been a rollercoaster of a year. It hasn’t just changed the way we work – it’s also affected both our health and society as a whole – accelerating the need for better workplace wellbeing.

But it’s not all bad news. It’s a chance for businesses to embrace the potential of the New Working World. You can shape your business to put staff at the core, improve wellbeing and embrace the benefits of providing a positive employee experience.

Our New Working World hub is updated regularly with a variety of resources including workplace wellbeing reports, webinars, leadership guides and digestible blogs.

New Working World hub

What's on our reading list?


Workplace wellbeing report: August edition

Download our latest report tracking workplace wellbeing which provides deep insight into how employees and business leaders are feeling. In this edition, we focus on how returning to the workplace and the furlough scheme has affected employee wellbeing.

How to help employees manage their financial wellbeing

In our latest workplace wellbeing report, 46% of employers say employee financial wellbeing has been negatively impacted since coronavirus. At a time when job security and people’s finances are being strained, how important is it for you to look after the financial wellbeing of your employees?

How to support employee wellbeing through furlough and redundancies

61% of furloughed employees said they’re worried about the future security of their job and 39% said their emotional, financial or social wellbeing has suffered by being in the scheme. This blog will help you identify the current issues facing furloughed employees and how to provide the support they need.

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