Link with People Directory

Why should I integrate my People Directory?

Integrating your People Directory connects your existing directory provider such as Workday, BambooHR, Google Workspace with Perkbox. The main benefit is to automate your onboarding and off-boarding processes with starters and leavers.

When you activate employee accounts or make changes in your directory provider, it will automatically reflect in Perkbox and trigger corresponding actions. For example, when you add a new employee in Workday, let's call her Jane, a new user called 'Jane' will be created in Perkbox and Jane will receive a welcoming email from us as well.

When you de-activate an employee in your directory provider, it will automatically reflect in Perkbox as well.

If there are any name changes or email changes in your directory provider, that will automatically reflect in Perkbox as well.

Which provider can I link with?

WorkOS currently support many including Google Workspace, Mircosoft Azure, Okta, Workday, BambooHR, Hibob(Bob) and more. Please check the latest provider list with WorkOS. Visit WorkOS.

What if the provider is not there?

Let us know your provider, we will notify you when WorkOS have your directory provider added.

Which employee details you link with?

First name, last name, email address, employment status and team name (if applicable) will be linked with Perkbox.

How do I enable Link with People Directory?

You can follow the steps by accessing:

  • Admin section on Perkbox

  • Then click on the 'Settings' tab at the top

  • And then click on the 'Integrations' tab you see on the bottom-left corner

How do I change my people's details after I enable the People Directory integration?

Any changes you must be from your directory provider, as it will reflect the changes in Perkbox automatically. The change might take up to 30 minutes to show up at Perkbox.

Making edits to their name or email from Perkbox directly will not work. However you can still assign them into different teams directly on Perkbox.

Some employees are not meant to be receiving Perkbox benefits (i.e. part-time workers or contractors), how do I make sure they are not updated across to Perkbox?

This will largely depend on the provider or HR software that you have. There's a way to segment users who should be receiving Perkbox access however this can only be controlled from Okta, Azure or Google Workspace. If so, do please speak to your IT team who can take care of this tasks.

For HR softwares like Workday, Rippling and BambooHR, it won't be possible as of now, as any user added to those systems will be updated across to Perkbox.

What happen if I disable the People Directory integration?

All existing user details in Perkbox will remain unchanged. Since we lost connection with your people directory, we won't get any new updates. You will need to manually make changes in Perkbox.

I have a new joiner. Do I need to add them manually?

No. When you add new joiner at your directory provider and the new joiner has activated from the directory provider, a new user will be created in Perkbox. Perkbox will send the new user an activation email and they can start using Perkbox in minutes!

I have a leaver. Do I need to deactivate them manually?

No. When you remove your employee at your directory provider, this user will be deactivated in Perkbox. They will no longer be able to access Perkbox immediately.

If I am a company with a global workforce, how do I assign them to the right region on Perkbox with the People directory integration?

We do not automatically synchronize your users' location into Perkbox. Upon activation, the users will have to select the right region they are based in on Perkbox in order to receive the right view of local perks.

How do I add people to Teams after I enable the People Directory integration?

Team and team member details are automatically synchronised with your directory provider.

Or you can go to Team page and manually add them to teams.

I have previously added people manually to Perkbox. Would this create duplicate users after I enable Synchronise People Directory?

We use email to differentiate users. When there's a user with duplicated email, we will merge the users and update the details from your directory provider.

Feel free to get in touch with our team as well through our chat bubble on the bottom right corner! ✋

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