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What happens to my wallet credit / points if my account is deactivated?
What happens to my wallet credit / points if my account is deactivated?
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If your employment ends with a company that provides you with a Perkbox account or they choose to end the subscription, it's likely that your account will be deactivated.

When the account is deactivated, you unfortunately won't be able to log into the account to make use of the credit you've accumulated within your Perkbox wallet or any of your points you may have left. We always advise users to download any existing vouchers and use up any credit or points before deactivation.

Q. I've left my company and therefore, lost access to Perkbox - how can I access my wallet funds and/or points?

A. As your account is manged by your ex employer, we ourselves wouldn't be able to reactivate the account as it's all managed internally. We also aren't able to retrieve any unspent funds. In this instance, we would recommend you to contact your ex employer to see if they'd be able to temporarily reactivate the account so that you are able to spend any unspent funds. Any Flexi or Reward points will be lost upon deactivation of your account.

Q. I'm an administrator and we are closing our Perkbox account, what should we do regarding our employee's wallet funds?

A. We recommend reaching out to your employee's, alerting them of the effective cancellation date. Make sure to mention that any remaining funds and points will be need to be used prior to that date, as well as downloading any vouchers or codes that they may still need.

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