Culture Hub is like a digital noticeboard your employees can access from anywhere, on web or the Perkbox app! It gives you an easy way to share updates with your whole company at once.

Not sure what to post? Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Start your Hall of Fame

Culture Hub is a great place to show off your top performers. How about starting your very own virtual Hall of Fame?

You can switch things up by awarding this coveted spot for something different each time. Why not pick someone who best embodies a different company value every month?

Recommend some perks

Help your employees discover the

best of their perks by highlighting

something new each week.

To make it even easier, check our

marketing hub to find our latest

recommendations. Adding them to

Culture Hub is a great way to make

sure nobody misses new additions.

Share essential documents

with new starters

Joining a new company can be

overwhelming – especially when you

have to get your head around a whole

new set of policies and procedures.

Help your new starters find their feet by

gathering all your policy documents on

Culture Hub.

Share your party photos

Culture Hub lets you upload photos

to share with your team too. So how

about sharing a few snaps from the

last office party? It’s a sure-fire way to

create some buzz.

Just remember, with great power,

comes great responsibility...

It doesn’t all have to be work related. You can add anything you like to Culture Hub. How about a quote of the day section? Try adding something a bit different – your team will appreciate the thought. Here are a few additional ideas for you:

  • Keep all benefits from other providers in one place

  • Keep all your policy documents in one place

  • Show off your company values

  • Post company OKRs

  • Share important meeting recordings

  • Show off monthly/quarterly/annual winners of company awards

  • Share your employee referral policy

  • Share updates about a company event

  • Share a how to use Perkbox video (Link here)

  • Share company reminders or newsletters

  • Share volunteering opportunities

  • Link to sign up for extra shifts

  • Show off a specific Perk you know your employees will value

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add videos to Culture hub?

Click add new tile, and then go to the tab "add video". Simply paste in the YouTube or Vimeo link to your video and it will auto-preview within the Culture hub.

Want to use another video service? No problem. Simply click on the "add image" tab and use the alternative video link as the destination URL.

💡 Top Tip: Take a screen shot of the paused video to be your uploaded image.

Do the YouTube and Vimeo videos have to be public?

No! You can upload a private video and it will only play for those users who have access on YouTube or Vimeo. We know sometimes videos are just for your office!

How do I use the templates feature?

Click add new tile, and then go to the tab "Pick a template". Simply scroll through the designed templates, add a description and link to your content -- it's that easy!

Will my employees notice that Culture hub has launched?

Your employees will not notice a difference to their homepage until you create your first tile! Culture hub is a feature for you to customise in your own time.

Who can I speak to if I need more help?

Our Customer Happiness team is available to chat through any additional questions you might have. Simply click on the chat bubble in the bottom righthand corner of your screen and get in touch!

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