As of 6th of October 2021, we've made changes to our invoices that ensure you’ll only pay for what you use and when you use it.

Q. What's changing?

​A. Previously we billed based on the number of active users you had on the platform on the day your invoice was generated. This included any additional usage outside of your initial licence commitment.

​Going forward, any additional license usage will be done in arrears. For example, let’s say you add an employee onto the platform one day before your latest invoice is going to be generated. You’ll now only be charged for one day of usage from that employee — rather than for the whole billing period.

Q. Does this change affect me?

A. Yes, but only if you currently have more active employees on the platform than stated on your initial contract.

Q. Give me a quick example.

A. Let’s say you signed up with 25 employees, but have since expanded and now have 35 employees on the platform. Prior to this change, your next invoice would just have stated a licence quantity of 35 — as that was the number of users when that invoice was generated.

But now, this will be broken down on separate lines to display:

  • Your initial agreed licence quantity and cost

  • Any ‘additional usage charge’, which includes licences above your initial agreement

This is then further broken down on the second page of the invoice, with daily active user counts.

If we go back to the example above, your invoice will now display ‘25’ as a quantity on the first line.

As for those 10 new users you’ve added — remember, you’ll now only pay for the days they had an account. So if one of your newbies started halfway through the billing period, you’ll only be charged for that half, rather than for the whole billing period.

Q. Why is the unit price of the additional usage charge so low?

A. The unit price is the cost of 1 licence, divided by the number of days within that billing period.

Q. What’s an additional usage charge?

A. An additional usage charge covers the cost of users on the platform that exceed the initial licence number signed up for.

Q. I have too many additional usage charges, how do I amend this for future invoices?

A. This is usually due to the active user list within the Perkbox admin panel being outdated. It could be that a number of people have left your company, but not been deactivated on the Perkbox platform. This can be done manually via the admin panel, or can be automated by integrating Perkbox directly with your employee directory.

Q. Is there a way to automate joiners and leavers so that the invoice is always 100% accurate?

A. Yes, we've recently rolled out a partnership with WorkOS that allows you to sync your Perkbox active user list to your employee directory and to fully automate adding new starters, amending existing staff details and deactivating leavers. Head to our help center to find out more.

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