When integrating SSO or to automate starters and leavers via your HR system, there are some elements to consider depending on the type of organisation you are and how your existing system is set up.

  1. Do you have an IT team?

  2. Is your employee data up-to-date?

  3. Should some or all employees access Perkbox?

  4. Do you have employees from around the world?

Do you have an IT team?

IT can be an essential stakeholder in the setup.

  1. Involve your IT team: It is recommended to have them on board as you might have multiple systems that can integrate with Perkbox, so it is best to involve them as soon as possible to set it up.

  2. Provide 'Admin' access: Please do ensure they have access to Perkbox as an 'Admin' which you can change.

  3. Start self-service setup: They can set up the integrations easily by finding the documentation on the Perkbox platform by heading to Admin --> Settings --> Integration.

  4. Share extra documentation: You can share this link to IT to filter through the different systems we integrate with.

Is your employee data up-to-date?

Clean and verified data can avoid future issues.

  1. Verify employee data: Please do ensure your employee data is up-to-date in your system as we will pull mainly their names, email, and possibly their department information through to Perkbox.

  2. If you have already launched Perkbox via manual CSV upload: Please do ensure the emails will match between what's on Perkbox and in your system. If they do not match, it will create duplicate accounts on Perkbox, which will cause confusion for your employees when they log into Perkbox again, and increase the number of licenses you have to pay for.

Should some or all employees access Perkbox?

Those who shouldn't have access to Perkbox can only be controlled from your system.

  1. Review who should access Perkbox: Sometimes you may have contractors, part-time employees, or employees on probation who shouldn't access Perkbox. Perkbox can't segment them for you.

  2. Involve IT team: It could be possible, via your IT team's knowledge and involvement, to segment who has access to Perkbox. Typically, we have seen that possible for Microsoft Azure, Okta, and Workday.

Do you have employees from around the world?

Perkbox can be a global platform for your needs, and it is important you set up your Perkbox platform first before integrating.

  1. Review if global employees can have access to Perkbox: Perkbox can localise benefits for your employees around the world, and if you are happy to provide them Perkbox accounts, then we have a solution for you!

  2. Add 'Regions' onto Perkbox first: Head to your Admin portal to add these new regions to ensure your integration is set up smoothly.

  3. Begin integration: If all the other steps above have been considered, then you are good to go to integrate!

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