Bob/Hibob: Automate your starters and leavers
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Some points to consider before integrating:

  1. Departments: Employees will be auto-allocated into their respective teams on the Perkbox platform.

  2. All 'active' people on Bob / Hibob will be added to Perkbox: We do not filter out people who should not receive Perkbox access based on their employment status (i.e. contractor) or their region. However, if you use an additional system with Bob / Hibob , such as Okta or Microsoft Azure, it could be possible. Please speak to your IT for this.

  3. Access level: You might need the highest admin access level from Bob / Hibob to integrate or else it might not work.

Step 1: Create a Service User in Hibob

Log in to your Hibob instance as an admin user and navigate to settings, then select the "Integrations" tab.

There will be a tile called Service Users, click on that then, press on the New Service user Button.

You will be prompted to enter a Name and Display Name for the service user. Give the Service User a descriptive name and display name such as SCIM User and select "Done".

Step 2: Upload Hibob Service User ID and Token

An ID and Token will appear - make sure to save these somewhere secure should you need to access them again.

Upload the Service User ID and Token.

Note: You will be able to upload your Service User ID and Token from the Perkbox platform itself.

Step 3: Confirmation

Once you have integrated Bob / Hibob, all employees who have never been added to Perkbox will receive their welcome emails immediately.

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