1. Create an Integration System User

  2. Create a Security Group

  3. Add domain security policies to the Security Group

  4. Create and populate custom reports

  5. Add an authorized user

  6. Get the RaaS Endpoint

  7. Upload Workday endpoints and credentials

  8. Confirmation

Some points to consider before integrating:

  1. Review who should access Perkbox: We do not filter out people who should not receive Perkbox access based on their employment status (i.e. contractor) or their region. However, your IT may know how to crea the right 'Security Groups' on Workday to ensure only selected employees can access Perkbox.

Step 1: Create an Integration System User

First, create a new Integration System User within Workday. The Integration System User will be used to access Custom Reports.

Step 2: Create a Security Group

Create a new security group in Workday. Set the Type of Tenanted Security Group to Integration System Security Group (Unconstrained). Then add a name for the Security Group and select OK.

Next, for Integration System Users, add the integration system user you created in the previous step, and select OK.

Step 3: Add domain security policies to the Security Group

Next, you'll need to add domain security policies to the newly created security group. You can access this on the Security Group Settings > Maintain Domain Permissions for Security Group page.

You'll need to permit the following domain security policies to have Get access under Integration Permissions:

  • Person Data: Work Contact Information

  • Workday Accounts

  • Worker Data: Active and Terminated Workers

  • Worker Data: All Positions

  • Worker Data: Business Title on Worker Profile

  • Worker Data: Current Staffing Information

  • Worker Data: Public Worker Reports

  • Worker Data: Workers

To activate these new security settings, you need to go to the Activate Pending Security Policy Changes page and click OK.

Then, select the Confirm checkbox to finish activating.

Step 4: Create and populate custom reports

You will need to create two Custom Reports. The first Custom Report will be used for syncing User information. The second report will be used for syncing Group information.

When creating the report, make sure to select the Advanced report type and to have the Enable as Web Service box checked.

You need to add information for certain fields to the report. You can do this by directly adding columns to the report for the attributes in Workday that contain the following information:

  • Unique ID

  • Username

  • Email

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Group Name

Along the same lines as the User Report, you need to add a column to the Group Report for an attribute that contains the following information:

  • Group Name

Step 5: Add an authorized user

Add the Integration User created in Step 1 as an authorized user of both the User and Group Reports. This can be found under the Share tab from within a Report.

Step 6: Get the RaaS Endpoint

Now that the User and Group Reports are setup and access to them has been configured, you will need to get the RaaS endpoints for both reports. The page with the endpoints can be found under Actions > Web Service > View URLs in each report.

Once on the View URLs page, you w

ill save the URL under the JSON section, and input these in the next step.

Step 7: Upload Workday endpoints and credentials

Upload the RaaS endpoints for the User and Group reports that you collected in the last step, as well as the username and password of the Integration System User.

Note: You must head to your Perkbox Admin portal to continue the journey and upload your Workday endpoints and credentials.

Step 8: Confirmation

Once you have integrated Workday, all employees who have never been added to Perkbox will receive their welcome emails immediately.

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