Okta: Automate your starters and leavers
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Step 1: Create Okta Application

From your Okta Application dashboard, select "Browse App Catalog".

Next, search for "SCIM 2.0 Test App (Oauth Bearer Token)" and select the corresponding result.

On the following page, click "Add".

Give your application a descriptive name such as perkbox.com and click Next.

Many applications will work with the default configuration that is set on your new application. If you require any additional configuration for your directory such as configuring Attribute Statements, do so on the Sign-On Options page. Click "Done" to complete creating your application.

Step 2: Configure Okta API Integration

Inside your Enterprise Okta Admin Panel, click on the "Provisioning" tab. Then, click on "Configure API Integration".

Click "Enable API Integration".

Copy and paste the endpoint into the SCIM 2.0 Base Url field.

Note: You will be able to generate the endpoint and bearer token from Perkbox' Admin portal during setup.

Step 3: Configure Provisioning Actions

In the "To App" navigation section, click "Edit" and then check to enable the following actions:

  • Create Users

  • Update User Attributes

  • Deactivate Users

Step 4: Assign People & Groups to Okta Application

On the "Assignments" tab of your Okta Application click the "Assign" button and select "Assign to People".

Find the users that you wish to assign and click the "Assign" button next to them.

To complete assigning the users, click "Save and Go Back".

Step 5: Push Groups

On the "Push Groups" tab of your Okta Application click the "Push Groups" button and select "Find groups by name".

Search for the group that you wish to push, select it and click "Save" to push your group to perkbox.com.

Step 6: Confirmation

Once you have integrated Okta, all employees who have never been added to Perkbox will receive their welcome emails immediately.

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