Step 1: Create Enterprise Application

Select "Enterprise applications" from your Azure AD dashboard.

Click "New application" and continue.

Select "Create your own application", then enter an App name that describes Under "What are you looking to do with your application?", select "Integrate any other application you don't find in the gallery (Non-gallery)", then select "Create".

Next, select "Single Sign On" from the "Manage" section in the left sidebar navigation menu, and then "SAML".

Step 2: Basic SAML Configuration

Click the Edit icon in the top right of the first step.

Submit the Identifier and the Reply URL in the Basic SAML Configuration.

Note: To obtain the Identifier and Reply URL, you must ensure you have 'Admin' access on Perkbox, and go to the 'Integration' page in 'Settings' to follow the rest of the steps.

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