So you're off to see the next big blockbuster but you don't know how to how to use your vouchers...not to worry, we're here to help! 😃

Your vouchers will be displayed on your screen right away and emailed to you immediately upon purchase, so you can access them at any time. They will also be stored in "My Perks" in your account on the website and the app, in case you're struggling to find the e-mail.

These vouchers are valid for any standard-seating adult ticket to a 2D screening, so your options are endless.

Your vouchers will be valid for a few months after you've purchased them. You will be able to see exactly when these expire right below the vouchers!

If you're heading straight to the cinema, you can simply show your voucher code(s) at the box office and they will happily exchange your vouchers for tickets to your preferred screening and away you go!

You can also use your vouchers to book your film online! 

To do this simply head on over to the Vue website and select your preferred location and screening.

When you come to select your tickets make sure you enter your codes in the highlighted box below - 

Repeat this step for each of your voucher codes, and note that you don't need to select any of the full-priced tickets from the list below this box. Each code will be added as a "Vue Pass" ticket once you submit it, which is equivalent to a standard adult ticket.

From here complete your booking as normal and Vue will send you a confirmation email! ✨

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