I’ve tried updating to the latest version, but it isn’t working 😕

Try uninstalling the app, then reinstalling from the Google Play or the App Store. When reinstalling, you should get the most recent version by default. 

I’ve tried reinstalling, but I'm still on the old version 😞

We’ve found that some devices struggle to update apps. We recommend waiting a couple of days and trying again. In the meantime, you can still use the Perkbox website from your phone.

I've reinstalled multiple times and it’s still not working  ☹️

If you still can’t get the latest version of the app, even after multiple attempts, it might be worth checking whether your device or operating system is still supported. 

For Android: we support anything from 5.0 upwards, but you’ll have a better experience if you use 7.0 and above.

For Apple: you can use iOS 6 upwards, but we recommend iOS 10 and above.

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