Welcome to Perkbox! We want to make sure your launch goes smoothly, so we’ve put together a handy guide for you. 

First, check that you’ve received your welcome email (pictured below). Unfortunately we do end up in spam folders sometimes, so be sure to check there if you can’t find it. 

Don’t worry if you can’t find it. You can chat to one of our Customer Happiness members by clicking the blue button on the bottom-right of your screen, and they’ll be happy to send you another one. You may need to whitelist the Perkbox IP address – check out our article below for instructions.


Password set? Now you’re ready to explore the Admin Hub! Click on the articles below for information on our features.

BrandingAdd company valuesAdd company benefits

There are a few different products available, so click on the links below for some short clips on each one.





To help get your team up to speed, we’ve put together the video below. Feel free to share it with your colleagues.

Send them this video

Great, now it’s time to promote Perkbox and create some buzz! We’ve got a load of resources for you.

Email Templates

Be sure to tell everyone about our handy app so they can use Perkbox on the go. We’ll also send reminders and promotions via push notifications, so try and get your users to opt in! We’d hate for you to miss out on a freebie or boosted deal. We’ve got a poster for our app here.

Now your platform is ready and your staff are prepared. Here is the important bit.

Only add your staff to the platform on your Launch Day!

Their welcome emails will be automatically sent once they are uploaded to the platform, so it’s best to wait for your launch day when you can make sure they are ready.

When you’re ready to upload your users, watch the video below or click the link below to see the different ways you can create accounts.

Here are the other ways to add your users

Easy, right?

If you need any assistance or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Customer Happiness team. You can use the chat function (the blue button on the bottom-right of your screen) or email us at adminsupport@perkbox.com.   

We hope you’re excited to start your journey with us – welcome to the Perkbox family!

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