What's an integration and what is WorkOS?

Our integration will help you keep your people details up-to-date with Perkbox and allow employees to sign into Perkbox with your existing company authentication method, also called Single Sign-On (SSO). We use WorkOS, a third-party platform, to power the seamless integration with your provider(s).

How does integrating my people directory help me save time and effort?

It automates onboarding and off-boarding for new employees and leavers. All changes in your people directory is automatically reflected in Perkbox, specifically name, email, and employment status.

How does integrating my current company authentication method (SSO) help me and my employees save time and effort?

For you, as the administrator for Perkbox, you no longer need to manually add new employees to the Perkox platform. Employees would either be able to access from your intranet (if available) or on their unique Perkbox company portal to sign in.

Your employees will have a much simpler experience signing into Perkbox for the first time with just a click, as they only need to remember the one set of email and password credentials that already existed in your company database as opposed to remembering a completely new password. Therefore, it is smooth and also much more secure process of signing into Perkbox.

How do I set up these integrations?

You can follow the steps by accessing:

  • Admin section on Perkbox

  • Then click on the 'Settings' tab at the top

  • And then click on the 'Integrations' tab you see on the bottom-left corner

You can enable either or both integrations. To save you time, we recommend you work with IT department together on integration as it might require some specific setup.

Need more info about our separate integrations? Please click below.

Linking your People Directory

Enabling Single Sign-On

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